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Issue 7. February 2013

1. We have around 2000hits on the VS videos, running about 10 a day and it appears to be a self sustaining interest level.

2. Three main articles have been updated and made available as downloads from the PAC site. A 4th is still awaiting an update.

3. PAC is to become a CIC (Community Interest Company). A not-for-profit organization that puts back any surplus profits back into its project agenda.

4. PAC has prepared a submission to the Arts Council for 98k to enable JJ to keep the research and development moving forwards for 2-3 years.

5. JJ has been chatting to organizers at Frontiers about setting up a dedicated research topic for VS and perceptual structure. It is thought best to lodge this within the computational neuroscience section and PAC and CU will move on this shorty.

6. Cardiff Uni have still to get the 2nd draft of their research proposal together but is a very busy time for Frank Langbein with multimillion pound research projects being but together.

7. A new painting is underway that promises to be a significant advance. A still life is setup where it is also reflected in a mirror. Two paintings in one! The idea being to reveal the differential between an observation of the real setting and observation of its mirrored environment. This is a complex undertaking requiring the very careful deployment of the range of marks adopted to represent the data structures of phenomenal field. Progress is quite slow but everything is working out well. The painting will be the subject of a step-by-step presentation shortly.





Issue 7. February 2014

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Research into visual awareness is reliant on the further development of our intuitive exploration of phenomenal field. Visual artist have strategies for pursuing this agenda that require support, recognition and classification.



Ecology of vision
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Living without pictorial geometry
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Muller cells & mechanobiology
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Perceptual condendation in contextual field
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The Experiential Ontology
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Retinal processing: A theoretical proposition for retinal detection of a field potential unfolding from the light array to form the basis of spatial and orientation awareness within the phenomenon of vision
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Having the Courage of Your Perceptions
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Replicating our understanding of vision in images

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PT Use of Vision-Space ERA


Joe Baldwin's evaluation work

Theoretical overview What does perceptual structure indicate with respect to cultural development, the maintenance of social orders and communication between world-views?
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Perceptual Technologies