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Issue 3. August 2013

1. There are now 15 you-tube presentations outlining the Vision-Space theory, technology and ongoing research proposition. We have viewers from 23 countries around the globe totaling around 450 hits. While this is a good start the average viewing time is only around 45% (around 900 minutes watched) indicating that core messages are not being communicated to a significant proportion of viewers. We anticipate that the retention of viewers will increase as research establishes the basic case for Vision-Space as a game changing development deserving careful consideration and an open approach to evaluation. For links to the presentations please refer to the Demo section of the PAC web site (

2. The first painting in the new studio has been completed and is the subject of two of the you-tube presentations. We are gearing up for a full resumption of stimuli output in support of the research agenda.

3. Following the publication of “How healthy behaviour supports children’s wellbeing” by Public Health England pointing out the detrimental effects of screen technology, PAC’s research agenda will be targeted on exploring the ways in which Vision-Space can make a valuable contribution.





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Issue 3. August 2013

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Research into visual awareness is reliant on the further development of our intuitive exploration of phenomenal field. Visual artist have strategies for pursuing this agenda that require support, recognition and classification.



Ecology of vision
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Living without pictorial geometry
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Muller cells & mechanobiology
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Perceptual condendation in contextual field
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The Experiential Ontology
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Retinal processing: A theoretical proposition for retinal detection of a field potential unfolding from the light array to form the basis of spatial and orientation awareness within the phenomenon of vision
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Having the Courage of Your Perceptions
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Replicating our understanding of vision in images

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PT Use of Vision-Space ERA


Joe Baldwin's evaluation work

Theoretical overview What does perceptual structure indicate with respect to cultural development, the maintenance of social orders and communication between world-views?
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Perceptual Technologies