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John Richard Jupe

John Jupe graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art (London University) in 1982 and has been actively painting ever since. Having been taught to ‘look’ and to accurately record this experiential encounter, his interest in visual perception comes via intuitive record. The observable structure underlying the phenomenal field led to the formation of a radical new approach to the understanding of vision from receptor to percept involving de-coherence of the light array at the retina. The base line theory together with the notion that certain artwork captures aspects of perceptual structure has led to the formation of the new form of illusionary space termed Vision-Space. The underlying structure to Vision-Space not based on central perspective or the projection of optics but on the structures apparent within the phenomenon of vision. Vision-Space generates an entirely new form of 3D, ‘experiential 3D’ or ExpD that will ultimately replace picture space across information display systems. In association with computer scientists and graphic programmers, John has developed software to automate the transformation of optically based records (photographs and stills) into perceptually structured moving image media. Perceptual Awareness Centre has been created to forge further links between experiential practitioners, philosophers and the proof environment of science to deliver an academic programming architecture for a real-time Vision-Space capability. More details see full CV.




Perceptual Technologies