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Issue 5. December 2013

1. Disappointing response from CenSes and The Newtwork for Sensory Research.  Zero response to date to my follow-up communications to meetings held in London. Some effort was put into this but hey-ho!

2. New avenues of approach have been opened with attention switching to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and stroke trauma as examples of atypical perceptual structures. Thanks to linkages pointed out by Stephen Sillett in Canada we are now also exploring research in human neuroscience exploring enactive approaches to understanding the nature of consciousness. This is all new to me but very interesting, VS could play a role here.

3. The 4th & 5th paintings have been completed. New paintings have been posted in the Visual Art section of the PAC web site. This month will see some self-portraits to see what more can be learned about the perception of faces and the use of VS in portraiture. Looking in the mirror is not an ideal way to do this as reflected impressions of the world flatten the disorder field (the mirror is a flat object). I cant afford a model so will have to be aware of the limitations and work around them.

Macintosh HD:Paintings:Studio13:4th Still Life :Still Life 4_with cup and saucer.jpgMacintosh HD:Paintings:Studio 13:5th Still Life:Still Life 5_final (mail).jpg

The major new painting is Portishead Beach

Macintosh HD:Paintings:Studio 13:Portishead beach:Final + details:P'head beach + hannah_final 1.jpg

4. Cardiff Uni have still to get the 2nd draft of the research proposal together but Frank Langbein is reading around the new potential academic connections for the project mentioned above.

5. The PAC U-tube demos are now referenced on the Frontiers research web site as I attempt to build up a research presence. The videos attracted 150hits in week, many of the these were on or below the 2min attention threshold however. It would be good to get the 4 main research papers published but the cost of doing this though Frontiers is prohibitive at present.

6.There are now 21 you-tube presentations outlining the Vision-Space theory, technology and ongoing research proposition. We have viewers from around 50 countries totaling around 700 hits (this could be low as not all the hits from the Frontiers site are registering on the U-tube host site). The average view time for this month is up a whole minute to 3! Lets hope that moves up again as we really need core linkages to be made and for that we need real engagement from viewers and questions! For links to the presentations please refer to the Presentation section of the PAC web site





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Research into visual awareness is reliant on the further development of our intuitive exploration of phenomenal field. Visual artist have strategies for pursuing this agenda that require support, recognition and classification.



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