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Issue 1. May 2013

1. PAC is working with Cardiff University’s Computer Science and Informatics department on a research bid to EPSRC. This project would see the existing Vision-Space post process programming architecture forced to a near real-time capability enabling simulation type emersion experiences and evaluation data to be produced.

2. General Dynamics’ EDGE forum is commissioning a presentation at their offices in Wales from PAC with respect to Vision-Space technology and its implications for information display.

3. Encouraging response from Linked-In’s Art and Science forum where PAC has initiated a discussion promoting the Ontology of the Experiential.

4. The studio is currently under construction thanks to a kind donation of funds from the PAC sponsors. This is a self-build project requiring most of John’s time at present. Looking forward to completion, the restart of painting production and serious pursuit of PAC’s research agenda!





Issue 7. February 2014

Issue 6. December 2013

Issue 5. December 2013

Issue 4. Novemer 2013

Issue 3. August 2013

Issue 2. July 2013

Issue 1. May 2013


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Research into visual awareness is reliant on the further development of our intuitive exploration of phenomenal field. Visual artist have strategies for pursuing this agenda that require support, recognition and classification.



Ecology of vision
Abstract | Full

Living without pictorial geometry
Abstract | Full

Muller cells & mechanobiology
Abstract | Full

Perceptual condendation in contextual field
Abstract | Full

The Experiential Ontology
Abstract | Full

Retinal processing: A theoretical proposition for retinal detection of a field potential unfolding from the light array to form the basis of spatial and orientation awareness within the phenomenon of vision
Abstract | Full

Having the Courage of Your Perceptions
Abstract | Full

Replicating our understanding of vision in images

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PT Use of Vision-Space ERA


Joe Baldwin's evaluation work

Theoretical overview What does perceptual structure indicate with respect to cultural development, the maintenance of social orders and communication between world-views?
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Perceptual Technologies