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The coloured bullets suggest linkages
between the disciplines
and denote important crossovers.


Vision-Space technology:

Vision-Space presentation 1: The structure of monocular vision
Vision-Space Presentation 2: The incorporation of binocular stereo information
Vision-Space: Process of information exchange within phenomenal field


Technology evaluation:

Vision-Space: Monocular test, car demo

Vision-Space: Embodiment demo

Vision-Space: Butterfly demo

Vision-Space: Absence within contextual vision
Vision-Space: Without experiential encounter are we lost in space?
Vision-Space: The ecology of vision


Vision-Space: Overview

Vision-Space and the Experiential ontology

Vision-Space: The Protagonists

Vision-Space: Addressing a blank piece of paper


Visual art:

Vision-Space: The paintings and their story

Manifesting dark light and setting out a Vision-Space painting
Setting out a Vision-Space painting: An up-date

Vision-Space: Visual cues appearing
within the radial structure of phenomenal field

Vision-Space: A still life painting together with mirror, mirrored

Vision-Space: Exploring Implicit Spatial Awareness

Vision-Space: Self-reference within spatial texture

Vision-Space: Self-reference and contributions from memory

Vision-Space: Self-reference Pt 3, exploring the extents of phenomenal field

Vision-Space: Self Reference Pt 4, painting phenomenal field, accessing the umwelt?

Vision-Space: Stressing presentation within phenomenal field

Vision-Space: Land and Sea Scape, Scottish west coast

Vision-Space: Land and seascape 2, St Ives, Cornwall

Vision-Space: Charting condensation across phenomenal field

Vision-Space: Awareness is a dance mediated and augmented
by ‘mind’ within a multidimensional space

Vision-Space: The painter, reality and the real

Vision-Space: The painter, reality and the real – Part 2

Vision-Space: Follow-up: The painter, reality and the real

Vision-Space: Charles Morgan in the studio


Physical theory:

Vision-Space: Having the courage of your perceptions - A physical theory

Vision Space and dark matter

Vision-Space: The scientific approach to understanding the nature of reality is incomplete

Vision-Space: Real-setting, decoherence, visual processing, awareness

Vision-Space: Implicit data, a function of mesoscopic physics?


Vision Sciences:

Vision-Space: Retinal processing and the research proposition

Primary spatial awareness direct from the light array?

Vision-Space: Face recognition

Vision-Space: Mechanobiology of brain function

Vision-Space: Health implications of non-perceptual
structured content and screen technology

 Vision-Space: Typical and atypical perceptual
structures Potential links to ASD and stroke related conditions

Vision-Space: Some deficiencies of pictorial space
with respect to the structure of phenomenal field

Vision-Space: Retinal Receptor Functions

Vision-Space: Retinal Receptor Functions 2

Vision-Space: Retinal Receptor Functions 3

Vision-Space: Our self-organizing mind, 1/f noise and a
possible role for ipRGC receptor functions

Vision-Space: What’s in an artificial stimulus

Vision-Space: Awareness is developed and governed by Dynamical Systems

Vision-Space: Living without pictorial geometry

A spoof!
Vision-Space: Implications in medium of dance




Visual Art




Perceptual Technologies