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Issue 6. December 2013

1. We now have 22 presentations on U-Tube. The last one looks at the role of decoherence in perception which is likely to be the most critical aspect of us getting some handles on perceptual structure, multi-sense integration and the nature of mind. This has been watched by a good number of people some of which have been targeted as core specialists in quantum decoherence. Itís clear that they do think that decoherence is in play on the retina and that its make a contribution to visual awareness but they don't know what that contribution is. Well VS illustrates it?!

2. The 6th painting (triptych) has been completed. I started to do a test self-portrait but just lost interest in the whole business of looking into a mirror and trying to work around the impoverished reflection.

Having sifted through some old black and white images of N. Mandela I used them instead. Very glad I did. All of these images deploy VS techniques and in the flesh they are exceptionally spatially salient and immediate, (especially when viewed in a mirror). They Ďperformí much better than the original photographs.

I was very encouraged by these paintings and believe that portraiture and face recognition could be a good testing ground for VS techniques.

3. As before, Cardiff Uni have still to get the 2nd draft of the research proposal together but Frank Langbein is reading around the new potential academic connections for the project mentioned above. I have tried to activate Bristol Uniís Vision Institute (BVI) with a view to taking a lead interest in VS R&D but I think they will probably stick to the straight and narrow involving continued acceptance of photograph or video as valid stimuli. The optical device standing in for the real setting and visual experience and then research conducted on that basis. We will see!

Macintosh HD:Paintings:Studio 13:Portishead beach:Final + details:P'head beach + hannah_final 1.jpg

4. The PAC U-tube demos are now referenced on the Frontiers research web site as I attempt to build up a research presence. The videos have attracted 470 hits in a month. About 100 of these have been directed at the last presentation on decoherence. I have contact Frontiers about the possibility of them waving the costs of publishing the main VS articles and this seems to be a possibility, so in Jan 14 I will be preparing them to see what progress we can make.

5. There are now 22 you-tube presentations outlining the Vision-Space theory, technology and ongoing research proposition. We have viewers from around 50 countries totaling around 1200 hits. The average view time for this month is around 2.8 mins. For links to the presentations please refer to the Presentation section of the PAC web site





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Research into visual awareness is reliant on the further development of our intuitive exploration of phenomenal field. Visual artist have strategies for pursuing this agenda that require support, recognition and classification.



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